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Fiberglass for your walls

Many people associate the word "glass" with the concept of fragility. In reality, when glass is treated through fusion at a temperature of 1400 degrees, a very thin yarn can be obtained, with a diameter of less than a tenth of a millimetre, which when woven becomes like by magic a high resistance material.

With this material the Wall Mural in fibreglass. The fiberglass covering it is not a new product, it has been rediscovered recently thanks to its many qualities and possibility of being digitally printed, representing a decorative element extremely interesting even for environments where until yesterday it seemed impossible to use wallpapers, come bathrooms, shower cabin, external walls. Furthermore, the ductility of the Wall Mural in fibreglass represents the ideal solution for the renovation of old plaster and walls that need renovation.


But what are the characteristics of the glass fiber? Let's find out…



The fiberglass wallpapers they are extremely resistant to tension, impacts, rubbing and abrasive agents. For these properties they are one of the most used materials in the world today.building It is in the design of interiors.


The mechanical properties of glass fiber paper they practically make it a material indestructible, capable of insuring long life for the covering.


The cleaning action of fiberglass coverings it can be energetic and therefore prove extremely simple and economical, requiring no special detergents or materials.


The fiberglass wall covering it is capable of exceptional performances on multiple types of walls and can solve problems related to irregular, rough or cracked plasters. It also protects walls from cracks.


The Wall Mural in fibreglass, in addition to its technical properties, has potential highly decorative thanks to the possibility of being digitally printed.


The Wall Mural in fibreglass, is available in various types of reticulated structure: large, medium, narrow canvas, herringbone (zig-zag), squares, diagonal, diamonds. It is precisely the reticular structure of the Wall Mural in fibreglass a allows the breathability of the material and makes it non-toxic.

7. It is fIREPROOF

The Wall Mural Fiberglass is one of the most fireproof coverings in existence. In fact it is a non-combustible material, particularly suitable for public places or where there is a need to certify the application against fire. In private homes it is ideal for decorating kitchens, as it does not suffer from positioning on the wall behind the stove burners. The structure of Wall Mural made of glass fiber does not spread fire and does not release volatile substances in the event of fire.


The Wall Mural Fiberglass behaves very well in the presence of humidity, in fact it is the perfect material for the restoration of walls that suffer from rising or have condensation problems. Furthermore, it does not suffer contact with water, becoming the perfect material for decorating bathrooms or the inside of showers.


From a health perspective, the Wall Mural fiberglass has a very low electrostatic charge which prevents dust from attaching to the surface. It is resistant to chemical agents, antibacterial and particularly ecological.

10. It is LIGHT

The low weight of the sheets Wall Mural in fiberglass makes the material extremely easy to handle, facilitating installation operations. In conclusion, cover the walls with the Wall Mural in fiberglass is a modern, practical and functional solution. The characteristics of the Wall Mural in fiberglass they adapt to new and old walls guaranteeing decorative and hygienic advantages. Use the Wall Mural made of glass fiber is decidedly economical because it avoids the need for expensive renovation work on old plaster or to eliminate defects and imperfections in the walls. The longevity of Wall Mural in fiberglass and the absence of maintenance costs allow, finally, a very advantageous amortization of the expense over time.

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