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Non-woven Wall Mural : Features, Advantages and Uses

The Wall Mural in TNT, acronym for "non-woven fabric", has become increasingly popular in interior decoration due to its unique features and multiple design possibilities.

In this introductory guide, we will explore the peculiarities of TNT paper, including its applications, distinguishing characteristics and other relevant information.

What is the Wall Mural TNT?

The Wall Mural in TNT is composed of a combination of synthetic and natural fibreswhich make it a durable and resistant coating. This versatile material is often reinforced with a layer of fliseline, a non-woven fabric that adds stability and ease of installation. Furthermore, many types of Wall Mural in TNT are equipped with a layer of PVC, which gives Moisture resistance and ease of installation. 

It is important to note that the term "TNT" refers to the structure of the material and not the material itself, which can vary between synthetic fibers such as polypropylene or polyester, and natural fibers such as cotton or cellulose.


Types and Characteristics of TNT Paper 

Finiture carte da parati in tnt

The Wall Mural in TNT offers a wide range of types to satisfy different design and functionality needs. One of the main characteristics to consider is the grammage, which indicates the weight of the fabric used.  

The Wall Mural the lighter one is thinner and more flexible, while the thicker one offers greater sturdiness.

In addition to weight, there are several other characteristics to take into consideration. One of these is the surface finish, which can vary between the following:

  • Embossed: It offers a three-dimensional effect and a unique texture to the walls.
  • Plaster effect: Imitates the look and texture of traditional plaster, giving a rustic and authentic look.
  • Smooth: Has a uniform surface and smooth, perfect for a modern and clean style.
  • Tela Canvas: Imitates the look of a painting canvas, adding an artistic and sophisticated touch.
  • This time: Imitates the texture and consistency of natural linen, giving an elegant and organic look.
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    The Wall Mural in TNT it is also sound absorbent, offering an innovative solution to improve the acoustics and aesthetics of environments. With high quality materials, it absorbs noise and allows the creative customization of spaces.

    Another important consideration is the type of material used. There are cards that combine synthetic and natural fibres for strength and durability, and others in vinyl, which offer greater moisture resistance and a washable surface. 


    Printing Techniques: Traditional vs Digital

    The art of printing is essential for creating unique and fascinating wallpapers. There are two main types of printing used of which:

    • Traditional printing uses the mechanical cylinder method, which produces rolls with repetitive decorations. This technique allows for relief work such as embossing, adding a tactile and material effect to wallpapers. There Wall Mural embossed offers unique plays of light and reflections, giving a touch of value and structure to the design.
    • Digital printing is performed using electronic machines that print on smooth supports or light structures such as canvas or jute cloth. This method allows you to create large custom designs for the entire wall, without repetition. Digital printing offers extensive customization and the possibility of creating unique wallpapers for each environment. 

    Installation and Maintenance

    The installation and maintenance of wallpapers bottom in TNT require some precautions.

    Laying the paper

    For installation, it is essential to use the specific glue for non-woven wallpapersapplying it directly to the wall. Before starting installation, make sure the wall surface is clean and smooth to ensure optimal adhesion.

    Cleanliness and Waterproofing

    For regular cleaning, use a soft cloth or damp sponge to gently remove any stains or dust from the Wall Mural.

    Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the paper.

    Furthermore, some non-woven wallpapers can be treated with a protective crystallizer to make them waterproof and more resistant to humidity.

    It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for specific maintenance of the paper used. With the right attention and care it can maintain its beauty and durability over time, guaranteeing a successful interior design.

    Final thoughts

    Non-woven wallpapers offer a versatile, high-quality option for transforming environments with style and personality. With their resistance to humidity, ease of installation and wide range of colors and finishes, they are an ideal choice for those who want to create unique and welcoming atmospheres. Whether you are looking for a modern design and bold or a classic and refined look, non-woven wallpapers offer endless customization possibilities. Furthermore, their durability and ease of maintenance make them a practical and convenient solution for updating and reviving spaces over time.

    Explore the many options available at WallpaperDream and let your imagination take flight to create unique and unforgettable environments.

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