Linen and canvas eco-coverings, beautiful and sustainable

If you're looking for a high-quality, sustainable design option, linen and canvas are the right materials for you.

The today it is a natural fabric that is produced from the fiber of the plant of the same name. It is known for its durability, its ability to resist humidity and to mold and for his natural ability thermoregulatory. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for creating eco-friendly wallpapers, which not only last a long time but help keep the environment cool and dry.

The body is a fabric made from cotton or linen fibers and is known for its durability It is wear resistance. Additionally, the coarse texture of the canvas can bring a rustic and elegant look to the walls of your home or office. Both materials are ecological and sustainable as they derive from renewable natural resources. When you choose to use wallpapers made from these eco-friendly materials, you are making a responsible choice and helping to reduce the environmental impact of your design project.

Canvas - for interiors

The body it is a fabric, with a polyester base, with a very high quality canvas effect finish. Its texture makes it durable, capable of resist humidity and to mold and it is, furthermore, thermoregulatory.

  • 245 g/m²
  • recycled and recyclable
  • washable
  • PVC free
  • breathable and anti-humidity
  • sound absorbing
  • fireproof
  • Easy to install

    Immediacy and speed of installation, creating sensational environments has never been so easy.

    Unique design

    Decorations that open up the vision of the space, enhancing the design of classic and modern environments.

    Wide choice of materials

    TNT, fibreglass, fabric, fabric-effect adhesive paper, technical solutions suitable for the living of private and public environments.

    Customizable cards

    Customize your order with sizes, graphics and cuts designed especially for you

    Eco-friendly materials

    The materials used are PVC-free and, even in the event of fire, do not release toxic substances

    Recycled fabrics

    Charm, creativity, beauty and reliability interpret the lifestyle of excellent quality.