Material information

The choice of material depends on your specific needs. If you are looking for one Wall Mural resistant, totally waterproof and easy to clean, you could opt for fibreglass, suitable for environments even in close contact with water. If you want one Wall Mural light, breathable and easy to remove, TNT could be the ideal choice. Linen and canvas effect fabrics are perfect if you want a more sophisticated look and a natural fabric feel.

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Fiberglass wallpapers offer greater wear resistance, are fire retardant and are unlikely to tear or damage. Furthermore, they are totally waterproof and can be washed easily and placed both outdoors and in bathrooms or showers. These wallpapers are also very long-lasting.

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Non-woven wallpapers are light and easy to install. They are also breathable and allow the walls to "breathe", thus reducing the risk of mold growth. Furthermore, they can be removed without leaving residue on the surface.

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  • Wall Mural glue
  • bucket
  • roller
  • sponge
  • plumb line
  • ruler
  • level
  • cutter
  • brush
  • plaster brush
  • spatula
  • stairs
  1. Remove the old coating quickly and easily with a debonding product and a spatula: prepare the surface to perfection
  2. Make sure the wall is completely clean and dry, fill the holes and sand any imperfections until the surface is homogeneous
  3. Using a screwdriver, remove all the switches and electrical socket plates
  4. Prepare the glue for Wall Mural mixing evenly and carefully respecting the proportions indicated on the package
  5. Use the plumb line and make reference marks on the wall, this will allow you to adjust the positioning of the sheet during installation.
  6. Make sure that the graphics match and then trim the bleed if necessary. To avoid misalignments we recommend cutting the sheets as the installation progresses.
  7. Spread the glue directly on the wall using a roller or brush, covering the entire width of the roll using the lines drawn during preparation as a reference.
  8. Place the first sheet on the wall starting from the top and leave an excess of 5 cm. Check that the sheet corresponds to the reference lines drawn previously
  9. Using a stiff spatula, adhere the entire sheet to the wall. Using smooth movements, start from the center and push the excess glue towards the ends
  10. Using a spatula and cutter, trim the excess flush with the skirting board and the ceiling in the upper part
  11. Lay the second sheet next to the first, paying attention to the alignment before adhering it to the wall. Carefully smooth out the joint area using a damp sponge to squeeze out excess glue
  12. Some air bubbles may appear following installation, which should deflate on their own. If they persist you can pierce them with a pin and inject glue with a syringe inside the bubble.

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