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I'm the Wall Mural , I'm back!

Sono la Wall Mural, sono tornata!

It was the Eighties and the house was enhanced by wallpapering the walls with wallpapers with themes much sought after by vintage lovers. Then the traces were lost but, as was logical to happen, today it has returned because history teaches that decorating walls is not a fashionable phenomenon but a need: rock paintings, mosaics, frescoes, tapestries, man has always loved the art of furnishing and beautifying environments by decorating the walls.

Beautiful and colourful, the Wall Mural in rolls furnish, decorate and personalize the space you live in thanks to the many possibilities of choice.

The collections of our wallpaper rolls are inspired by elegant, visionary, romantic, eccentric, luxurious fantasies. They open up the vision of the space by enhancing it, whether it is a wall, niche or column, the Wall Mural in rolls helps to make themore welcoming environment and original thanks to graphics and colors with a scenographic impact that provide true oases of well-being.

Our wallpapers are highly innovative as they are made 100% in "non-woven fabric” (TNT O "NON WOVEN”) for digital printing, produced and certified in Italy with elements created in the laboratory.

In traditional fibres, the fabric follows the ordered pattern of weft and order, in TNT the arrangement does not go through the weaving phase but is random, this particular characteristic, together with the thickness (0.39 mm) and the weight (147 g/m2) makes our wallpaper:

  • Stable and resistant, with superior mechanical resistance.
  • Neutral to temperature variations.
  • Non-deformable upon installation.
  • Capable of perfect adhesion to surfaces.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Sound absorbent, for real acoustic containment.
  • Water repellent, suitable for any environment, even humid ones.

Produced with latest generation machinery and technology, our wallpapers are printed at very high resolution with Certified UV-resistant inks which guarantee the brilliance of the color over time, maintaining the perfection of the designs unaltered in every detail.

They do not require particular maintenance and can be cleaned - without the use of abrasive substances and materials - with a simple damp cloth. Particularly resistant stains can be removed with a soft cloth or brush and neutral detergent.

Easy to apply thanks to the use of high quality glues for vinyl wallpapers on "Non Woven" support to be hung only on the wall, they are removed just as easily.

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