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Carta da parati Golden Hour per bambini 2
Carta da parati Golden Hour - soggiorno
Carta da parati Golden Hour soggiorno 2
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Golden Hour Wall Mural

Tag: #Animali

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Made in Italy

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Welcome to the golden enchantment of "Golden Hour": a Wall Mural in TNT that envelops you in the magic of the golden sunset and transports you to a mysterious forest inhabited by majestic deer. This unique design captures the essence of wild nature and the beauty of the golden light filtering through the branches of the trees.

The deer seem to come to life directly from the shades of charcoal or the depth of sanguine, creating an extraordinary visual effect. Every anatomical detail and expressiveness of the deer is masterfully represented and brings an artistic touch and a sense of movement to your walls.

The wallpapers are made with a vast selection of materials, offering a wide choice based on the aesthetic and functional needs of the environment to be covered. The choice of material for the Wall Mural it is a crucial element in ensuring an optimal result. Different types of materials have unique characteristics that contribute to defining the style and durability of the Wall Mural.

List of materials

Smooth finish

TNT support with smooth finish, suitable for indoor use only. Washable with a damp cloth, breathable, sound-absorbing, fireproof.

Material TNT