GLICOVIL DECOR - Wall Mural glue 250 gr

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Universal powder adhesive for installing wallpaper with backings of all types.
Glicovil Decor is used for gluing wallpaper with backings of all types to walls.
Particularly recommended for the application of heavy vinyls with paper backing, non-woven fabric and printed T.N.T. ON all absorbent substrates used in construction:
· cement plasters;
· bastard mortar;
· plaster and plasterboard.

Glicovil Decor is a simply spread adhesive based on modified starches which comes in the form of small white flakes, easily dispersible in water.
It is easily applied by roller, is not flammable and does not contain toxic substances; therefore it can be stored without particular precautions and can be used without danger to health.

Quantity: 250 gr

80-100 g/m²

Preparation of the support
The surfaces must be dry, flat, absorbent, resistant, not subject to rising damp, free of dust, removable parts or substances that can damage adhesion such as paints, oils, etc.

Preparation of the adhesive
Shake the water with a drill at medium speed and quickly pour the contents of the bag.

Dilute Glicovil Decor with approximately 5-7 liters of water (variable depending on the weight of the coating).

Leave to rest for 5 minutes and shake again. Glicovil Decor is ready in 15 minutes.

Apply the adhesive with a roller directly on the wall.

Apply the sheets by massaging them from the center towards the edges to expel air bubbles.

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giorgio giuseppini

Tutto come da descrizione, servizio clienti cortese, paziente e molto disponibile. Consigliato.

Carta da parati di ottima qualità!

La carta da parati è fantastica, ottimo materiale, bellissimo disegno e colori belli accesi. Davvero un ottimo acquisto!
Abbiamo apprezzato la molto la possibilità di adattare il disegno alle misure personalizzate del nostro muro così da non dover tagliare parte dell’immagine. Servizio clienti ottimo.