Carta da parati Exotic paradise - bagno, box doccia
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Carta da parati Exotic paradise - esercizi commerciali

Exotic paradise Wall Mural

Tag: #Natura , #Pastello , #Tropicale

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Made in Italy

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With the tropical Wall Mural " Exotic paradise ", palm leaves and strelitzia are intertwined on a white canvas background. The soft pastel shades and elegant graphics make this Wall Mural extremely adaptable, perfect for any environment, be it bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, spas, swimming pools or dining rooms.

Opting for the quality and authenticity of WallpaperDream 's 100% made in Italy means transforming interior spaces into authentic oases of well-being. Made from top-notch materials, this Wall Mural is not only sound-absorbing and washable , but also fire-retardant, ensuring an impeccable level of safety.